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Belkin 3.0 USB-C to USB-A Adapter

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Belkin 3.0 USB-C to USB-A Adapter

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Product Features

  • 3.0 USB-C to USB-A Adapter
  • Connect USB-C enabled devices (new Macbook, Chromebook Pixel) to USB-A devices and peripherals (flash drives, keyboards, mice)
  • Reversible USB-C connector
  • 1.5A charging output
  • Up to 5 Gbps data transfer speed

From the manufacturer


The Ultimate USB-C Connection

The Belkin USB-A to USB-C Charge Cable lets you charge your USB-C device as well as sync your photos, music and data to your existing laptop. Experience up to 10 Gbps transfer rates, up to 20X faster than USB 2.0 (480Mbps), 12x faster than FireWire 800, and 2X faster than USB 3.0 (5Gbps). You will be amazed at the difference USB 3.1 makes.

Made for: Connecting from a standard USB-A device to a USB-C (Also Known as USB Type-C) enabled device.

USB 3.1: The Next Evolution

USB 3.1 SuperSpeed+ offers a whole new level of connectivity. Transfer data at incredible speeds, charge other devices, and even power mobile devices - all with just one cable. Quickly becoming the new universal standard, USB 3.1 is already supported by Windows, Google, and Mac operating systems, as well as many device manufacturers.

Faster Data Transfer

Transfer data at up to 10Gbps with improved cables and connectors. USB 3.1 offers faster rates than ever before. Fast enough to transfer a year's worth of music in 10 minutes or an entire HD movie in just 30 seconds.

USB 2.0 = 480 Mbps

USB 3.0 = 5 Gbps

USB 3.1 = 10 Gbps

This USB-C cable supports up to 3A of power output for charging USB-C devices.




Transfer Rate

Up to 10 Gbps

20X faster than USB 2.0

2X faster than USB 3.0


Fast enough to transfer a year's worth of music in 10 minutes.


Transfer an entire HD movie in 30 seconds.

Superior USB-C Cable Construction

1. Durable Polycarbonate connector housing with SS10 logo indicating full USB-IF compliance.

2. Electronic Marker Identification, authentication, and Power Delivery management circuit.

3. Precision welded metal shield to protect PCB and E Marker (also minimizes radiated emissions levels and provides additional mechanical strength).

4. ‘Crimp’ locks metal shield in place for optimal mechanical structure and shielding.

5. Micro Co-axial superspeed conductors for 10Gbps data transfer.

6. 3Amp power conductor

7. Power Delivery Communication line

8. Data communication line

9. ‘Sideband’ lines for alternate mode audio/visual applications.

10. Cable braid Shield

11. Flexible TPE cable jacket

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